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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Simply At Home

A simple lovely day at home preparing all our dishes for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

 Today, the girls and I have prepared dressing, sweet potato crunch, avocado corn salad, and a pumpkin pies.  Our daughter and her family from the South has came in which makes this Thanksgiving even sweeter.

I love how (in the winter) the sun shines through our bedroom windows into the kitchen.
From our home to yours.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Touch of Christmas

From Targets dollar section, I was able to make a couple of wreaths and ties. For only $4.00

I love keeping Christmas simple, as well as the decoration.

Is there a little Christmas showing up at your home?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Happy Gotcha Month

This month we celebrated our 13th gotcha day with our daughter Doodle (nickname).   

This was our first trip to China!  By the way I lost 15 pounds on this trip, we could not get used to the food!  We had some cultural shock going on. 😉

On our first day there we climbed the Great Wall of China, or attempted. The footage on our climb up the wall was hilarious; we were about to die! The steps were uneven; one step was 2 inches high and the next step was 2 feet tall.  So, after an 22 hour flight, our guide picked us up so we could climbed the Great Wall. Yay!

The next morning Doodle was placed in my arms, a hungry frightened little girl who cried,
and kicked her legs when given to me.  She had never seen an American and we spoke in a language she didn't understand. Of course we learned some Chinese to help her understand us a little.  That very morning before she met us she had traveled 6 long hours over a bumpy terrain.  Realizing that
mainly why she was crying the poor little thing was hungry.

Once I met her needs "food" she began to bond.
This was taken right after they handed her to me.

In a few days Doodle became very attached to us, 
she cried if anyone else even tried to hold her.
We are so humbled that God would allow
us to adopt this precious little girl.
She is our daughter!

We visited a village out in the country in a very poor farm area.  
We walked through a poor housing area with open sewage in front of each home. 
Our guide brought us here to see a rice field.

In this photo were walking out to a rice field. Y'all I wished I could of bring everyone of these children home with me. All of them are so precious, gathering as close as possible to be near us.  They kept touching my auburn hair, I am sure they hadn't seen that color before. Speaking in Chinese to each other about it, I could only imagine what they were saying.  Funny, I am sure.  While everyone else was going out to see the rice.   I wanted to stay and be with the children. I never did
make it out to the rice field.

My husband play a game with them, by rolling up a $5.00 Chinese dollar in his hand (worth 50 cents, a day wages for them).  They had to guess which hand it was in, as soon as one of them won it, they ran as fast as the could and gave it to their parents.  Even tho we could not speak their language, they figure out the game quickly.  To me this was one of the best highlight of our trip.

We saw many great places, and stayed in five stars hotels, but after 14 days in China
we were ready to come home.  I was one very tired mama, but our daughter was worth it all.

Happy Gotcha Month sweet baby girl, we love you with all our hearts!!

Thank you for walking down memory lane with us.
As always I would love to hear from you.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday At the Farmhouse


Slow down my life, let me enjoy the beautiful of fall with its golden leaves, 
 leaves of red and orange.  Nature walks to the creek to watch the 
falling leaves drifting away in the rushing waters.

 Lovely October, I love the things you bring with you.  

Hello Friends,

Today was beautiful with its warm sun, blue skies, and slightly cool breeze.  This Saturday was our first Saturday home in a long while.  Life for us has been so busy, it's time to say no to the busyness once again.  I love my slow days at home and they seem to be less lately. 

 This Saturday morning we took a short drive to a farmhouse diner for pancakes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, hot coffee which is farmhouse cooking at its best.   Returning back to our farmhouse I mowed three of our five acres, pulled weeds for most of my day.   I left my favorite chore for last, that was the washing of my front porch.  Y'all, It was good to be home, I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to just to stay home for the entire day.  Anybody?

Washing away the spider webs who thought they had found a winter home.  I was glad to be out here on the front porch.  I am usually a regular on my porch.  When you are to busy to set on the front porch, you are just to busy. Anybody?

  I have slowly been adding fall to our porch, maybe a few fall pillows, 
and I believe it will be completed. 

The sun is starting to set, and the porch is drying. 
So, sweet friends, I leave you for my front porch.
It awaits me with a cup of hot coffee, 
and a swing full of soft fluffy pillows.

Share your Saturday, I would love to hear from you.

Love your home, make it home for the ones you love.

Simply Farmhouse

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy Anniversary

This month was our 36th Wedding Anniversary.

Thank you hubby for still being in love with me.
after all these years. I will always love you.

This one man and me, I believe we will 
keep on grown old together.

While keeping God in the center of our marriage and home.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Autumn Reflections

Autumn is waiting in the shadows of summer, waiting to fill our eyes with its beauty.

Fall has found its way into our farmhouse.  
I am slowly replacing our fall decoration, I love the white pumpkins.
Lately, I have being seeing blue pumpkins in town, they are so cute.

What is there not to like about this season?  I can't think of anything can you?

Each season, and each day is ordered by God.
 Fall brings changes in our little farmhouse of warmth, 
cozy soups, fall dish towels, and plenty of baking.
A cup of pumpkin latte, a cozy blanket,
and a good book to take us to places 
that we only dream of.

Cable knit sweaters
Hunter boots
Apple cider
Fall leaves
Cozy Fires 

These Autumn walks of golden sunlight and golden leaves are slowly coming our way. 

God brings us the beauty of Autumn, and reminds us that change will come,
and that He is with us.

Wishing you the loveliest fall day,  an apple-y kind of day.

I would love to hear from you.

Friday, September 1, 2017

A Rainy Day At The Farmhouse

Tropical Storm Harvey blew in our area last night, it has been raining all day today. 
I believe it should be out of here by Saturday afternoon.
We have flooding in the area, but nothing to compare 
to the ones in the south who were hit hard.
Many prayers for them all.

We  needed the rain, so thankful it came this way.
With this rain came some cooler temperatures, which made our day feel a little like fall.   
Rainy days are great for baking!

Little  La La (nickname) who is eight,  is making her very first pumpkin roll.

 She is doing a great job!
After baking it for 15 minutes, its time to roll it up, and let it cool.

What a great job she did, for her very first try at making a pumpkin roll.
We have been invited over to our older daughters beautiful home this evening, to enjoy soup, and sandwiches on this rainy evening. We are taking this pumpkin roll to help out. 

 I love watching the rain fall out of her beautiful windows.
Not to mention loving all over those grand babies.
(yes, we designed this house plan)

Have a lovely afternoon, are you getting the rain as well?

Hugs from the farmhouse!
Recipe will follow soon.

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Picnic Within The Greenhouse

While the girls were busy with school, I secretly went out to the greenhouse 
to set it up for a picnic. They were very curious, and I no longer could keep it a secret.  
When they found out, they were excited about having a picnic for lunch in the greenhouse.  
Only one thing they had to do, they could not come in until I had completely set it up.

Setting the table oh, how fun!

The table is spread with a tasty little lunch.

My guests have arrived, and they are very excited about it.

(hubby doesn't like their photo's online, a little mask will do)

This is what spoons are for after all, silly little girl.

We enjoyed watching the butterflies just outside the door.
A few flew in and landed among us.  What fun it was to have them around!

Another little guest waited patiently to be invited in.
She eventually made her way in towards the end of our picnic.
I wonder if it was because the girls kept tossing pieces of their lunch to her. *-  (wink)

Thank you for coming along on our picnic!