Sunday, July 22, 2018


I love this farmhouse that is in the next county from us. We drove by there today to get pictures.  It's very similar to the one I grew up in, the only difference was the one I grew up in was all white.  I love how they mixed the red vinyl and the brick together. 

Soon, I will hand draw out a floor plan for this farmhouse and hubby will tweet it then finalize it on his program. The one I lived in of course was a vintage lay-out I might start with that.

Sadly, the farmhouse I lived in has been torn down and replaced with a subdivision in its place.  BOO!  It held such good memories.

Isn't she a beaut!?   Maybe your not in the market for a house plan but you like looking at them.
If so, check back for the lay-out that we come up with.

Simply Farmhouse

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Freedom in Pleasing...

 My thoughts are always geared toward my home, our children and my Lord above. Pleasing my family and pleasing my Lord.   This is my heart and life daily!

Sometimes we get caught up in what others say about us. Because of their words we find ourselves trying to please others.

As we get older and grow in knowledge, we realize that we don't need people's praises to feel good about ourselves and we don't need the negativity to make us feel down on ourselves.   When we realize this we will be able to go through life knowing that we do not live our lives by the words of others and what they think about us.  Worry is not of is an emotion that traps you. Pray and let it go.

I remembered attending a place and it felt like we were being so judged in our walk in the Lord. We decided not to return there, it wasn't for us. I said in my heart, "I am going on in the Lord pleasing Him."  Pleasing Him is all that matters.  There is freedom in pleasing Him.

You and Christ are the compass that sets your course.  You are guided by Christ , by your choices, by pleasing your family, and pleasing the Good Lord above.

It is so freeing not to worry about what others think about you. Because you are living your life with the Joy of serving the Lord, your family and others.  Seek the Lord with all your heart!

Remember to forgive. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing just as Christ has forgiven us for all our wrongs, sins, and mistakes; we must forgive those who have said things about us or hurt us. Forgiveness is very powerful and it will change your life and make you beautiful within.

Be blessed!
Simply Farmhouse

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Managing The Home

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 I love reading early 1900's home making books.  I love how these ladies in the 1900's up to the 1950's  ran a home and the instruction to do so. 

They gave a lot of thought and effort to their homes and how to run it like a business.  Not only did they have to run the home in the way of cleaning or organizing. But, if they where wealthy each day she would had to plan out the staff daily routine as well.  Teaching the maids, cooks,stable hands, and gardeners, what is expected of them. What was proper and how one handles their job as well as themselves.

If they were just an average house wife their home and money would reflect how the
wife did her job. Was her home in order and well managed?  Did she prosper the family by stretching every penny and having self-control on her spending?  Did she run her home as a small business?  Did she teach godliness to her children?

Here are some quotes from a 1907 book by Mrs Beeton Household Management. I hope you enjoy reading them as I have.

*One cannot have his money and spend it too. Money has a limited purchasing power.

* A penny saved is a penny earned: The wife/husband who will not count every penny, will never have her/his longing satisfied until she/he makes every penny count.  I love this one!

*When a wife is an early riser it will contribute largely to good house management she who practices this virtue reaps an ample of reward both health and prosperity.

*When a wife rises early it is almost certain that her house will be orderly and well managed.

*Frugality and Economy are virtues without which no household can prosper.
We must always remember to manage well on a small income for it is highly creditable.

*Always managing little and turn it into more. When we manage small things well, we will be fitted for the management of greater things.

*Accounts of household expenditure should always be kept, and kept with punctually and precisely.
The best plan to keeping household accounts is to write down daily every amount, be it ever so small spent each day.  The household account should be balanced weekly.

*The home should be run like a business, a job that you loved to do with cheerfulness.

*Does your home stand the test of a small business?  Do you arise early? Do you plan and schedule out your daily task? Do you make wise decision to spend the money wisely and frugality?  Is your home clean in order and well managed?  Our your meals planned and served on time? Is your children loved and well taught about God and manners?

Let me know if you like these!
 I got to go and make this day wonderful for my family!

Simply Farmhouse.