Life in An Old Farmhouse

Did you ever lived in a farmhouse with metal cabinet?
I love the mixed matched dishes and the apron.

When farmers wives used to dress up to care for the home, always looking presentable.

My mom always dressed nice when I was a child, I remembered one of her dresses
that she wore, it was a white printed cotton dresses that button down
the front and tied at the waist.

  Does anyone remember when a table was used instead of an island?
There was no such thing as a island when I was a child.

Cotton dresses ~ always

Do you remember milk been delivered by a milkman?

 A time when butter
would sit out all day on the table.

What a bountiful pantry! Crocks filled with harvest and apples picked and stored in baskets.
I just love this pantry and all its harvest.

A Farmhouse Porch

With rocking chairs, wood floors, wooden table and a beautiful foggy sunrise.

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  1. Beautiful photos Teresa, and truly brings back memories of days gone by, gentler, sweeter times, when time didn't seem to rush by like it does today. I love that Anne quote too, certainly speaks truthfully of our November weather here :)

    1. I could live in an old transforms your way of thinking and slows your life down to the simplicity of the way life used to be. Thank you for your visit and sweet comments.

  2. Oh how I love an old farmhouse. I am attempting to make my home as close to the old farmhouse as possible when my grand doll is around. We have aprons that we always put on when we cook, we have fresh foods as much as possible. We have a table we work on as well as an island. We don't have a milkman, but how I wish we did. (My grandfather was a milkman). I do have a cotton dress that I could wear, but usually only use it as a lounger of an evening. I need a dress like you have pictured here.

    1. Carol, bringing in those things will be wonderful memories for your grand-doll. My oldest brother remembers the days of a milkman. How neat that you can share the life of your grand-dad with your grand-doll. I wonder if cotton dresses could be found at a thrift store or online?

  3. I so enjoyed this post.
    Thank you for the cozy memories.

  4. I've seen that pantry before- beautiful! And sitting at the table cleaning snap beans or chopped spuds - the best conversations accompany.

    1. It is beautiful..I am sure there is more in that room then we can see. Won't you just want to ponder around in it? (smile) I remembered many day snapping beans with my mom and yes, and having many great conversation. Thank you so much for your visit!

  5. I love this posting. It warms my heart, brings back memories and shares the simpler and gentler times. Thank you for sharing. Homespun Hugs ♥ Teri

  6. Thanks for following along, I wanted to let you know, I appreciate it. I enjoy my visits here.

    1. Your so welcome! I am so glad please come again.


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