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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Intentionally Homemaking

Lately, I have been giving some deep prayer and thoughts towards my life, home and family.  In the past few months during a very busy time of our lives, I have found myself just getting things done and rushing to the next item on the list.  Accomplishment was the only focus I had by hurrying here and there.

After much thoughtfulness on home-making, I realized that home-making has to be lived intentionally each day.  Intentionally creating a lovely, joyful home atmosphere, simple living, and intentionally cherishing every detail.

  Even during my busiest moments, I must intentionally apply these things that I desire for our home and into our lives.  Intentionally getting back to simple basics of home and homemaking. 
Guarding my time wisely, because just like life once its gone there is no getting it back.

This life of homemaking, of a stay at home mom, of a wife, of a keeper of the home...Do it with passion intentionally.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Managing The Home

Here are some quotes from a 1907 book by Mrs Beeton Household Management. 

*One cannot have his money and spend it too. Money has a limited purchasing power.

* A penny saved is a penny earned: The wife/husband who will not count every penny, will never have her/his longing satisfied until she/he makes every penny count. 

*When a wife is an early riser it will contribute largely to good house management she who practices this virtue reaps an ample of reward both health and prosperity.

*When a wife rises early it is almost certain that her house will be orderly and well managed.

*Frugality and Economy are virtues without which no household can prosper.
We must always remember to manage well on a small income for it is highly creditable.

*Always managing little and turn it into more. When we manage small things well, we will be fitted for the management of greater things.

 * Do you arise early? Do you plan and schedule out your daily task? Do you make wise decision to spend the money wisely and frugality?  Is your home clean in order and well managed?  Our your meals planned and served on time? Is your children loved and well taught about God and manners?

Friday, October 7, 2016


Making do with what we have while finding contentment.  Counting our blessings and thinking on the Greatness of our Lord.

Reflect (pause) and reflect again on life's little things that bring us so much happiness in our hearts and to our homes.

Happy Fall!