Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Paint Project

This desk in the laundry room, needed a fresh look.

It is a desk that I use to study on, 
or escape to when I want to water-paint,
 and I even use it as a sewing table. When school
is in, it becomes my teacher's desk.

When I need an extra table to work on in the kitchen, it becomes my island.

A few days a ago, I painted it with different paints colors layering as I go.
It turned out so cute. It brightens any room that it is used in.

It reminds me of the ocean...

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tuesday Summer Craft Day

Hey Ya'll  with the girls at youth camp this week. 
The grandson got to make something
that they love.  Superman & Batman!!!

We made them out of  a paper towel roll by cutting them to the size we needed.

A little construction paper, scissors, glue and a couple of markers the craft was completed.

The excitement on that little face, say it all!  

Have a wonderful week!

Taking time for children,
makes the greatest difference in their little lives.

Monday, July 10, 2017


On the back of our farm we have wild blackberries growing.  Strawberries in May, peaches in June, blackberries in July.

When I was a child, picking blackberries was something we did to provide extra income for our family.  My mom was a single parent of nine children and each time on the way out the door we would hear our mom reminding us to "carry a pole, wear rubber boots and take a dog."   "And don't eat more then you pick"!  So down the long gravel driveway, six or seven of us kids would pull a few wagons filled with one gallon buckets to the fence row where the blackberry bushes grew wild.

We knew what mom meant to do with each item we took.   The pole was to shake the blackberry bushes free of unwanted snakes.  Blackberry bushes and grape arbors are favorite places where snakes like to hide.

The pole was great to bring the branch toward you, so you could reach the berries that were hard to reach.  Of course, the boots were to protect yourself from snake bites.   A dog was great to keep a snake from crawling out towards you if it came out from under the bush.  

We knew of a neighbor man who was picking blackberries one summer day who got bit by a copperhead snake. Luckily, he was okay.  I guess he didn't have a mom to remind him to take a pole!

We would bring home a wagon filled with gallons and gallons of berries.  The next morning, mom would let the older children set a table up out in the front  to sell the berries.  In those days, we got seven dollars a gallon.    It was a very hot job and the part I disliked the most was when thorns would cut your hands and attach to your clothes. There was no such thing as thorn-less berries.  That would have been nice!

Did you ever pick berries as a child?
I would love to hear from you.