Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Could You Live Smaller Part II

  (Our daughters home - we drew this house plan called the Georgian)

How small could you go in house square footage? 

My hubby and I love to design homes, lately we have been super busy designing house plans for customers, that we have not had a chance to design homes from our own ideas. 

In the late evenings you may find me with drafting paper, pencils and ruler curled up on the couch creating our next house plans.   I have a lot of ideas just finding the time to actually creating them is the hard part for us.

For many folks they would love to live in less then 500 sq ft.  For some it maybe that they prefer a large home.  I love the size home we have but I think its the land that overwhelms me. LOL

So, how could one make a small home seem large?  A home that is built with tall ceiling and lots of large windows.  A great room with a eat in kitchen adding in a couple sets of french doors in this area would make any small home feel larger then life.

Walls that are painted in a light color will help any place feel larger.  White cabinets also will make a home feel light and airy.

Letting go of clutter is a big key to making a home feel larger.  For instance in the photo above my daughter wanted her windows be her canvas.  She keeps her walls clutter free and focused on the windows.  She did this in her kitchen as well.

Porches are another great way to make a small home feel larger.  Porches are a overflow room of any home.  A screen porch is a great way to spend the evening watching the sun go down. A porch is great way getting you out of the house but you still feel part of the house.

A home no matter its size isn't what counts. It is making wonderful memories with your family in your home and when they grow up they will tell their kids all the wonderful memories they had in the home they grew up in.  Building a relationships and making memories with our children will grantee that they will come home to visit again, and again.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Could You Live Smaller Part I

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As we get older and we look at our life where we want to be in ten years of retiring. I would love to see us downsize our current home of 1500 sq feet and land of five acres to a smaller home and lot.

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The only thing about wanting to build smaller is the building codes will not allow you to build as small as you want in most areas.

Many people have downsized to a tiny home on wheels, such as, building it themselves or buying one already built. Living in less then 200 sq feet while trying to find someone to let you pull it in their back yard.  I love watch you-tube about tiny homes because they fascinate me.

Some have even purchased a school bus and remodeled it while living on the road, going from park to park. (not for me). There would be something in me saying , "I want to go home and I am tired of traveling", but there would be no home to go to.

While yet, some even sold their home and bought an RV to live in for a few years while they got out of debt, saved for a down payment or even saved for the entire amount of the new home cost.  I would think after living in a small RV, one would be tempted to build a large house with space! Only getting themselves back into a large house again with a mortgage larger than they wanted.  What did it accomplish them to live in the RV?  Something to think about.  Granted there are some who did live in an RV and kept the goal of building smaller.

My hats off to all who have done so!! You are an inspiration to us all.  For me, I would really have to consider why I would like to downsize and am I willing to give up living out by ourselves and move to a community where more people would be living close to us just to downsize?

Many have found a cozy little cottage in a good neighborhood with a nice private lot. I love reading about all those who have done this.  If you buy a home, there is the cost of fixing it up to do. Or changing it to your taste.

There is so much to consider when thinking about downsizing the home.  For the next few posts let's chat about it.   Have you thought about it ?  What are some things you have considered?  Maybe you have already made the move.  I would love to hear from you.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June Days

It is a cool beautiful morning here our beautiful state of rolling hills, we are still dreaming of making summer memories. School’s out for summer for our kids so let’s do this!

June days have been fabulous, with no humidity blue sky and plenty of sun. Ya'll we have been loving having our windows open.    

We have spent most of our June days on the front porch.  Our porch is like an extended room of our home.  Visitor always seem to linger on the porch with us and say this feel like home.

I love keeping a box of summer yard toys on the front porch for the girls and the grands to play with during the summer.   My grand-kids know when they come to grand ma-ma house they will find old fashion fun in this box.

 June days, oh, how wonderful they have been.  I finally feel like that we are getting into the rhythm of slow summer days.  We have stay home all week with the windows open, clothes on the line, working on the farm and playing on the front porch drinking lemonade.

Tell me about your June days I would like to hear about them.

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