Friday, April 12, 2019

Have A Farmhouse Kind of Day

The farmhouse apron was always worn, to wipe little faces,
to gather baby chicks, to gather garden vegetables, to gather eggs in,
to keep your cotton dress clean,
and the apron makes a great dust cloth when company pulls in. 

Wash Day!

Always Homemade

Walk down a gravel road to get your mail.
When life was simple and we kept in touch through letters.

Gentle breeze, warm sun and fresh linens.

When he is home.....

Fresh lemonade always....

Farmhouse cotton dress

The simple life of an old swing under a big maple tree.

Dine in the field with him....dine the day away.

Summer Breeze....

I love the farmhouse life, I grew up in a old farmhouse.
I love the sound of a screen door slamming.
Windows where always open and fresh pies baking.
Front porches graced with swings and rocking chairs.
Lemonade always served.
Bare wood floors, winding stairs, and screen porches.
There is no other life so simple as a farmhouse life.

I hope you have a wonderful Farmhouse  kind of day.

Simply Farmhouse

All photo's are from  Pinterest.
Visit there for credit.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A New Look Ahead

I am working towards changing a few rooms in my home to the Hearth and Hand look.
I am like you, it will be on a budget and I will make do with what I have in my home already,
by re-purposing it and moving things around.  A little paint makes a world of difference.

Budget Plan for the dining room:
* Paint my wood chairs and table.
*Add some ship lap on my dining room wall.
Paint is cheap...ship lap isn't.😞

In this photo, I love the pillows and the rug colors, textures and pattern. Her products are very pricey so, I will be looking for knock offs to obtain this look.

* I have a grey couch and I did pick up 3 knock off pillows
 for $45.  Compare to one pillow of hers for $59.00 !

This is one of Joanna Gaines' laundry room (it is to die for!).  It is filled with so much character. 
I can't wait to add a similar look to my laundry room.  

Budget plan for this laundry room.

*Paint my blue walls ~gray.
*Purchase used cabinets and paint them white or black.
*Hubby could build the wood counter tops and the wood shelving.
*I will not be able to do this flooring but, to get this look
 I could add black, and white plaid wall paper on one wall. (Hearth & Hand wall paper)

If you have a Bargain Hunt in your area ~
They sometimes carry H&H items for half the
cost then Target does. Bargain Hunt receives returned items
from stores...mostly Target's items.

I have this table from Target and a similar look as this with my window wall in the living room.

I am working on this look!  It is from Hearth and Hand  @ Target.

Budget Plan for our master bedroom:

*I am currently painting my grey ship lap white with left over paint. (Saved)
I have order the striped pillows and shams for my bed.  (I had a gift card ~ I saved $20) 
*I already have two black night stands and the black metal bed. (Score)
* I need lamps ~ I will watch clearances or Bargain Hunt.
I have a white quilt already it may not be Hearth & Hand but it will look the same.
* Just by painting and adding the pillows will give my master bedroom this new look.

I would love to change my deck and porch to these colors.
I love the natural touches that the rug and swing gives.

Budget Plan:
* I hope to find used wicker and paint it black.
* Look for some clearance pillow covers  
*Paint my deck a dark grey.
*Watch for great sales or clearance on the woven rug.

Any plans on changing your home?

Simply Farmhouse

Disclaimer: The photo's above do not belong to me.
They were all found on Pinterest. I will not be printing them, nor
using them for personal gain.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Planting Seeds......

These greenhouse days are my favorite days, when the air is chilly and the greenhouse is warm.

I am planting seeds for the raise beds and a flower garden or two.
I just love this time alone in the think, and to pray.
It's my escape in the late winter and early spring days.

If the seeds I plant in this little greenhouse refuses to come is no lost to me. 
However, the seeds that I plant in my children heart is a different story.

These little hearts are in trusted in our hands by God.  Each one of them is a gift from Him.
He is counting on us to lead them to salvation.
From the very moment He places them in our wombs or in our hearts through adoption ...
He is trusting us with their little souls. 

Each one of us will give account before Him for each little one He has giving to us.
We can not do this with out God help. I need HIS guidance daily!


There's no time for mishaps, no time for selfishness, no time for distraction, 
no time for business, no time for being unconcerned.

Each day is a new day!
Let's begin again!

Simply Farmhouse

Friday, March 15, 2019

Guarding Our Children

We live in a world that is moving fast in technology, faster then I can keep up with.
It spins my head to hear of the things a smart phone or I-? can do. 

I don't keep up with it!  I have nothing against having these things, but we must 
set boundaries, and restrictions on these electronics
that we have in our homes and in our hands.
As  parents we must beware of the dangers.
Oh, how we need to guard our homes, and our children with these types of things.

If we think about it, it is no difference in setting restrictions on your T.V.
 or movies you may let or not let your kids watch.
Before we trust handing our child a smart phone or I-? ~ think again.
We are handing that sweet innocent child this world and all it's filth.
We would not hand our child things that would harm them physically
 (drugs or alcohol),or let them drive a car before
we knew they could handle it.

Children can not make a wise decision with the phones or I's they are children.
Wisdom, understanding, and maturity comes with age.
Let's teach them the dangers and how to stay away from them.

There is a place called  Accountable 2 You It's not only a great thing to do
for your older teen phone, but it is great to have it on all your devices
(phones,tablets, I's, laptops at work and home) for each family members.
This allows you as parents to keep track where you family is visiting and even all texts.
It teaches your family to be accountable to each other.  Accountability is a good thing.

Here's a post that really covers more on the danger of the phones in children hands.

Matt 19: 14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, 
to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.