Monday, February 20, 2017

Spring Teasing..

This is my peach tree, it is in full bloom.  It is four years old  and it is old enough to put out peaches. Each year the freeze kills all the blooms, and we have not had any peaches.  We are waiting to see what this month and next month will do to it.  Maybe, we will get some peaches this year!?

Climbing rose bush is leaving out, everything is so confused.

Near 90 degrees in the greenhouse today.

I have really enjoyed slipping out to the green house this past winter.
A great place to sit and enjoy the warmth, and sunshine on cold winter days.

I have been taking advance of these beautiful spring days.
I am painting my rocking chairs and swing today. Giving my front porch a fresh new look.

This year I am going to have to replace my pillows for the porch.
After three years using the same pillows, they are in need of replacing.

So, a new look for the front porch this spring...Yay, I am kind of excited about that.

As much as I love springtime, in my heart I am saying this can't be good.  Spring temps in the winter?
Could this mean winter in the spring? Or very severe storms with tornadoes treats?

What have you been doing?  Are you having early spring like weather in your area?

Hugs, from the farmhouse.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Believe in yourself!

You can do what God has plan for you!
Sweet friends just put prayer in it.
Put your heart in it.
You have more in you then you think.

Just a little encouragement
to send your way.
If you feel like you can't keep going.
You can!

I believe in you.
But even more GOD believes in you.

He knows
He cares
He hears your heart cry.

What you do ~ does matter.
Take care of yourself.
Slow down and rest in HIM.

What ever your going through.
God is only a prayer away.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cabin Fever

Spring of 2016

Today was a very pretty day here on our little five acres farm. The sun was very warm and the high today was 60 degrees and the best part was there was no wind.

 The girls and I pick up things in the yard to burn on the fire pit.. We put things away in the barn and then we took a walk back to the creek and woods.   The birds in the woods had their spring song going on.  The creek water made a soothing sound as it flowed over the creek rocks.

It felt wonderful to be outside and to work in the yard!  With six weeks until spring,  I hope we will see more days like today while we wait.

Do you have Cabin fever?

Blessings, Teresa