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Thursday, June 8, 2017


Yesterday, I set the farmhouse table up with empty pots, soil, and herbs.  Nothing is so relaxing than planting herbs or a garden. These herbs have a place  in my home. A plan is in mind, one that will take some time to completed.  However, when the place and room is finished you will see these herbs displayed in this planned place.   Just a little thought that will keep you wondering.

May your day be restful and cozy,

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

At Home

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Most of us may not have a beautiful room with a view of the ocean. Although that would be so nice,
but we can create our Master Bedroom to be an oasis to enjoy.

Simple ideas to make changes:
Minimize all clutter and simplify your room.
Lighten up the wall paint colors
Lighten up your comforter with bright pillows.
Freshen up your dark furniture, 
consider giving it a fresh coat of paint.
Add some flowers.
Add some white curtains.

Keeping it Fresh:
Keep the sheets fresh and clean every week.
Keep it tidy and cleaned daily.
Play soft music (or maybe the ocean sounds)
Keep your windows clean.
Give your master bath a new fresh look as well.
Make it a place that feels like a little getaway.

Things that may need to be moved out :
The computer/ t.v.
Clean out all the clutter and donate it.
Remove all clutter from the closets let the freshen
 and simplicity flow in there as well.

Never bring your problems to bed, they will keep until morning.
Things always look brighter in the morning after a good night rest.
Keep this room an haven of rest.

Are there any plans to freshen up your master bedroom this spring?  I would love to hear them.

Every Wise Woman Buildeth Her House Proverbs 14:1

Be inspired!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Creating a Bright and Happy Home

There is just something about January that makes me want to clean out clutter; do a little deep cleaning, and brighten up my home.   Am I the only one who feels this way in January?

Hello Sweet Friends, It is a fresh lemonade kind of day here at the farmhouse.

Even if they are these are, still brings brightness to a home

I love making my home happy and bright.

By simply adding fresh flowers to each room.

By hanging a boxwood wreath over our dresser, adds a little greenery. 

Painting a wood cabinet pebble gray ~ freshens up an old piece.

I love how fresh and bright my laundry room is... 
My desk to the right, it is my favorite place to think, 
to write, to paint with watercolors  and to read.
I plan to paint the legs and skirt of this desk pebble gray.

Adding a new comforter that was on clearance for thirty four dollars,
 is a sweet way to brighten up a room. Floral prints is making a come back this year.

Well, that is all I have for you. I hope that your year is off to a great start, and would love to hear if you are making fresh new changes in your home.

All things new,

God...made childhood joyous, full of life, bubbling over with 
laughter, playful, bright and sunny. 
We should put into their childhood days just as much 
sunshine and gladness, just as much cheerful pleasure as possible. 

Pour in the sunshine about them in youth. Let them be happy, 

encourage all innocent joy, provide pleasant games for them, 
romp and play with them; be a child again among them. 
Then God's blessing will come upon your home, 
and your children will grow up sunny-hearted, 
gentle, affectionate, joyous themselves and joy-bearers to the world.   
by J.R. Miller