Friday, October 7, 2016


When we were not expecting it, September slipped to an end. Days are dancing around us like lightning bugs at dusk.   October is here, a brand new month. What are we going to do with this month?   October brings to all of us sweaters, scarves, windows open, and pumpkins aligned across the porch. A newness in our homes and with our families.  It brings togetherness around the campfires and trailing through the fall leaves.

Hello Friends,

At the farmhouse we long for slower days; like airing out the winter blankets on the clothesline, baking fall desserts and making hot apple cider. Watching a midday storm push through after a month of no rain, home is a place where we unhinge from life.

 On the front porch, hinged from the ceiling is a white swing filled with comfortable pillows that encourage us to stay awhile.  Inside our cozy little farmhouse, our tummies are filled with  pot roast, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans and a slice of strawberry cake.  La la is playing with legos, then shopkins. Doodle is curled up in the chair with a good wholesome book taking her far, far away.  These quiet evenings are our favorite time of the day.

Making do with what we have while finding contentment.  Counting our blessings and thinking on the Greatness of our Lord. Reflecting on the kind words that are left in the comments, they mean so much.

Fall has begun when the spiders quickly string a web right across the front door within minutes after you have passed through the door.  When the crows call in the distance and the geese form their V's passing over our farm many times a day heading south.

While in the garden the sweet potatoes lie beneath the soil waiting for us to dig them up. There are peppers that need a final picking before Mr Frost takes a bite.  Then all at once, we are blessed with the beautiful fall leaves that remind us change can be a beautiful thing if we would only trust in Him.

Reflect (pause) and reflect again on life's little things that bring us so much happiness in our hearts and to our homes.

Happy Fall!
Blessings, from our little farmhouse.


  1. Sweet lovely post. I love how you displayed the kids artwork in the kitchen.

  2. Such nice and wonderful words to read on this beautiful fall day...

    My thoughts ran along the same lines as I started my day thinking a bit negatively, but stopped myself from going any further, and reflected on what we do have, and how thankful that God has provided us with so much bounty.

    Yes, the geese are flying high and honking as they go, and the crows are enjoying walnuts falling from our trees, and the garden is ready to sleep for the months ahead, (I am already planning next years garden):-)

    I love the seasons, but fall and spring tend to be my favorite...

    1. Enid, thank you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. What a beautiful sharing of the lovely days of fall around your home! Fall has been here for a good while, and we are hoping that winter doesn't get pushy anytime soon, lol! I would certainly be enjoying sitting out on your darling front porch on the swing, enjoying and soaking in the beauty around. God is so good isn't He! A good season to be thankful, indeed. Hugs to you today :)

    1. The Lord is GOOD! Come on over and share my porch anytime. Hugs my friend.

  4. Lovely post. Fall is my favorite season...the colors, smells, layers of clothes, fires, and slowing down!

    1. Thank you, I love all those things also. Fall Blessings to you.


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