Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Life In A Old Farmhouse

Farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse dishes are always mismatched.

Farmers wife...notice the sweet note in her pocket.

 Dried flowers and berries

The old black phone on the wall with the finger dial.
We had one like this when I was a child. Does 
anyone remember the party lines?

Wake me up at daybreak...


Sweet memories of an old farmhouse.

From credit of all these 
wonderful photo's 

From time to time I will make a post on "Life in a old farmhouse"
I hope you enjoy them.


  1. I love 'Life in an Old Farmhouse' ... so simple, so heartwarming.

  2. This brought back memories of my grandparents farm. I remember the black phone in the hall outside of the kitchen, the mis-matched silver that was stored in canning jars. I can envision the leftovers stored in the serving bowl with a plate on top (so you could reheat and put back in the bowl without washing the serving bowl!) and the green pitcher of sweet tea. Memories!

    1. You have some wonderful memories Wendi! Thank you for the visit.

  3. Replies
    1. Sweet! I remembered listening to a couple of ladies talking, they would say "who's on here?" Mom would make us get off. lol

  4. Beautiful photos! I did not live in a farmhouse until I now and I love it. I have never wanted to live in a modern home, nothing about it appeals to me!
    I have a corded phone like the one in the pictures. :) And I dearly love that skirt with the gorgeous pastel colours!

    1. Hello Gigi, what a pleasure to have you here. I understand what you mean about living in a farmhouse....it has all the comforts of home anyone could need. I love farmhouses! Thank you for the visit.


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