Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday At the Farmhouse


Slow down my life, let me enjoy the beautiful of fall with its golden leaves, 
 leaves of red and orange.  Nature walks to the creek to watch the 
falling leaves drifting away in the rushing waters.

 Lovely October, I love the things you bring with you.  

Hello Friends,

Today was beautiful with its warm sun, blue skies, and slightly cool breeze.  This Saturday was our first Saturday home in a long while.  Life for us has been so busy, it's time to say no to the busyness once again.  I love my slow days at home and they seem to be less lately. 

 This Saturday morning we took a short drive to a farmhouse diner for pancakes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, hot coffee which is farmhouse cooking at its best.   Returning back to our farmhouse I mowed three of our five acres, pulled weeds for most of my day.   I left my favorite chore for last, that was the washing of my front porch.  Y'all, It was good to be home, I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to just to stay home for the entire day.  Anybody?

Washing away the spider webs who thought they had found a winter home.  I was glad to be out here on the front porch.  I am usually a regular on my porch.  When you are to busy to set on the front porch, you are just to busy. Anybody?

  I have slowly been adding fall to our porch, maybe a few fall pillows, 
and I believe it will be completed. 

The sun is starting to set, and the porch is drying. 
So, sweet friends, I leave you for my front porch.
It awaits me with a cup of hot coffee, 
and a swing full of soft fluffy pillows.

Share your Saturday, I would love to hear from you.

Love your home, make it a home for the ones you love.

Simply Farmhouse


  1. Beautiful :) I have to do the same thing come next weekend.... my porch has been neglected for far too long :)

    1. I can so relate with you, this was a long time coming. Enjoy your porch!

  2. It always feels so good to have a day to catch up on long awaited chores!! You have such a lovely cozy porch!

    1. It does feel good to catch up, and just being home for a full day is wonderful. Thank you we love our front porch.

  3. Definitely beauty in simplicity! Love your porch. :)

    1. Hi Leigh, it is so good to see your comment. I have been missing you. Thank you, it is my favorite part of my home.

  4. Found you on Marilyn's Mountain Top Spice. I am a porch sitting Grandma. I love your porch, it's a perfect place to sit and sip a cup of coffee and watch the sunset. I even watch the sunrise some mornings, weather permitting.
    Sylvia @ A Grandma's Blessings

    1. Hello Sylvia, Welcome to Simply Farmhouse. Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to getting to know you.

  5. We never sit on our front porch much! Maybe I need to decorate it. We do sit on the porch at the shop. It is all landscaped & cozy! Your porch pictures always look so inviting!


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