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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Nature walk..

 quiet the little weather man......

the crunching of the leaves, the moments of stillness, 
the tree tops swaying in the breeze, 
with only the sound of a distance crow. 

I love walking in the woods, taking the time to slow life down.

Wishing you a joyful start to your new week. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Rainy Day On The Farm

Our Leyland Cypress trees has been attacked with bag worms. 

We have 34 Leyland Cypress planted along our property line. I have picked around 10 gallons of worms off of the trees so far this week.  I am just about finished picking them off on this side of the trees line, but I still have the entire back side to go.  I have found the best way to get rid of them is in soapy water.  What a job this has been, one I have been dreading to do.

Views from my back door.

My girls call the farmhouse on the left (Green Gables).  

A view of our back yard below.
We thought of many ideas to put out back, things like goats, sheep, horses,
and even a Christmas tree farm.

All of these ideas are great, but as we get older
we decided to let it grow up in trees, creating a wooded area.

Allowing us to simplify our lives, that sounds wonderful to me.

Views from my front porch.

Today, was cloudy with showers of rain, highs in the 60's. I believe summer has left us, but I hope that we will see some warm days before winter sets in.

Thank you for touring our little place on this rainy day.
I would love to hear from you.

*Simply Farmhouse

Love the Lord thy God
with all your HEART
with all your SOUL
with all your STRENGTH.
Deuteronomy 6:5 

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Picnic Within The Greenhouse

While the girls were busy with school, I secretly went out to the greenhouse 
to set it up for a picnic. They were very curious, and I no longer could keep it a secret.  
When they found out, they were excited about having a picnic for lunch in the greenhouse.  
Only one thing they had to do, they could not come in until I had completely set it up.

Setting the table oh, how fun!

The table is spread with a tasty little lunch.

My guests have arrived, and they are very excited about it.

(hubby doesn't like their photo's online, a little mask will do)

This is what spoons are for after all, silly little girl.

We enjoyed watching the butterflies just outside the door.
A few flew in and landed among us.  What fun it was to have them around!

Another little guest waited patiently to be invited in.
She eventually made her way in towards the end of our picnic.
I wonder if it was because the girls kept tossing pieces of their lunch to her. *-  (wink)

Thank you for coming along on our picnic!

Monday, July 10, 2017


On the back of our farm we have wild blackberries growing.  Strawberries in May, peaches in June, blackberries in July.

When I was a child, picking blackberries was something we did to provide extra income for our family.  My mom was a single parent of nine children and each time on the way out the door we would hear our mom reminding us to "carry a pole, wear rubber boots, and take a dog."   "And don't eat more then you pick"!  So, down the long gravel driveway, six or seven of us kids with one gallon buckets, to the fence row where the blackberry bushes grew wild.

We knew what mom meant to do with each item we took.   The pole was to shake the blackberry bushes free of unwanted snakes.  Blackberry bushes, and grape arbors are favorite places where snakes like to hide.

The pole was great to bring the branch toward you, so you could reach the berries that were hard to reach.  Of course, the boots were to protect yourself from snake bites.   A dog was great to keep a snake from crawling out towards you if it came out from under the bush.  

We knew of a neighbor man who was picking blackberries one summer day and he had got bit by a copperhead snake. Luckily, he was okay.  I guess he didn't have a mom to remind him to take a pole!

 The next morning, mom would let the older children set a table up out in the front to sell the berries.   It was a very hot job and the part I disliked the most was when thorns would cut your hands and attach to your clothes. There was no such thing as thorn-less berries.  That would have been nice!

Did you ever pick berries as a child?
I would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Country lanes

Every country road needs an old farmhouse.
Blackberry bush in full bloom

He waited until I took his picture, than he flew away.

A farmhouse that I love on this country road.

I hope you enjoyed coming down some country roads with me.
These roads are near my little country road that I live on.

Until next time have a wonderful day.

Monday, April 24, 2017

On The Farm

We painted the hen house white, and we are adding some final touches to it. I'll make a post as soon as I am finished with it.    It is turning out so cute, I can't wait to show you!

We have been busy cleaning out the landscape in the front yard.  I am expanding the width of the beds, and replacing the mulch with some pebbles.  Yes, I have several projects going at once, and none are completed yet.

I've transplanted some maple trees into my yard, that where growing out back near the creek.  Believe it or not they are living!  I have netting and stakes around them, to keep the deer from breaking them. 

La-la loves to play in the water, and helping mommy to wash the porch, is one of her favorite things to do.

I am working on my front porch, slowly but surely it is coming together.
I plan to add some potted flowers and a few more things.  So, hopefully in 
a few weeks my front porch will be ready for me to make a post.

It is a good kind of busy y'all!

What have you been up to?