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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Country lanes

Every country road needs an old farmhouse.
Blackberry bush in full bloom

He waited until I took his picture, than he flew away.

A farmhouse that I love on this country road.

I hope you enjoyed coming down some country roads with me.
These roads are near my little country road that I live on.

Until next time have a wonderful day.

Friday, September 30, 2016


 The Wonders of Life fills my mind as I sat here in this familiar place writing to you.

Hello Friends,

 Meet my family!  Our daughters & one son (in-law) with all our sweet grandchildren.
The little fellow in the stroller is my great nephew.   Our other two wonderful sons (in-law) could not make this trip.

Our daughters & grandchildren all came together and helped their dad to surprise me with the renewing of our wedding vows at our church on a Sunday night.
 A private reception followed with 60 of my closest friends in the church.  And as you see in the above photo, a trip to the ARK.

Ya'll that was the best weekend EVER!  I loved having them all home.  Our daughters are a hoot to be around...they bless me so much.  And seeing all the grands at once overwhelmed my heart with JOY!

We have been married for 35 wonderful years... "We still Do"!   

September has been a very busy month.
My Canon D70 is full of photos to download and to edit for this blog.
This week I have been super busy working on my Sunday School Room.
I was promoted up to an older class.  I spent many hours working on my room.
I must remember not to let my room over power the message.  

Goodness, how I need life to slooow down  anybody??

Counting our Blessings!

Blessings from the Farmhouse.