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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Slower Pace

Nothing says a slow life like a front porch 
or even a back porch.
Porches are a great place to slip away  and to read with a nice glass of tea.
It is a great place to unwind and live life at the speed of a rocking chair.
It is a great place to begin your day in prayer and reading.

The front porch is just another room to us. We find ourselves out there often, 
especially on rainy days.  We love listening to the rain on the tin roof.  
The kids like to jump rope or play jacks on the porch.   
If you have a porch, visit it more often, and you will feel your life slowing down.

  Turn off all noises in your home.  
Turn the TV and radio off.
(Thankfully, we don't have a TV)
Turn off all electronics and the phones.
Unplug everything possible.
When my husband arrives home from work,
he shuts the front door to the world,
and he enters into a quite peaceful home.

Use a diffuser in your home:  
I am just starting  to use diffusers in our home, and I love them.  I like to keep lavender oil in mine, and nothing says relax like lavender oil does.  I also like to use natural lavender scented cleaning products.  Breathing in the lavender scent is so calming.

Open up your windows:
Let the sound of nature come in your home. I love the cool breeze coming in the early mornings, while the little ones are sleeping.  It is a peaceful way to spend your mornings.

 Take time to enjoy what ever your hands find to do.  
Whether it is washing dishes by hand, sewing, or working in your garden,
take time to enjoy these things instead of hurrying through those tasks.  
Most importantly stop what your doing and
enjoy holding and spending time with your children.  

Living simple is just a matter of slowing down, saying no to a busy life, 
while finding time to stay home.

What are someways you live life at a slower pace?