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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Bargain Hunt Haul

Have you ever shopped at a Bargain Hunt Store? 
O my goodness, I love this store!

I am able to clothe my family, provide shoes, and decorate my house for  great low prices.
So, for fun, I thought I would make a random post of my Bargain Hunt haul.
They are always getting in new stuff.  I try to make a point to run by there every few days.  

How to find low prices: check the date on the ticket and see what %  will be marked off. Sign up for weekly deals delivered to your email.  A lot of times the prices are already super low that I don't wait for the mark down. Because the item will be gone when you come back.  However, there are times that I don't find anything.

Most of the items at this store comes from Target. I have found HM, Columbia, Old Navy, Levis, and many more. This store buys surplus and resales it.

This is what I have found in the past few weeks.

Target Chairs Reg price $99.00 each
I got them for $32.00 each.

Ashley Furniture: Reg Price $79.00 each
I got them for $42.00 each
I am hoping to find 4 more of these to complete my dining area.

Here they are around my farmhouse table. 

This Crosley clock from Target for $9.

Pea-coat from Old Navy I got it for $7.00
This was a new item they just gotten in.

This HM jacket for only $10.00, too cute!
This was a new item they just had gotten in.
Only had one so I didn't want to miss this.

Each of these are from Target. We got them for $1.00 a pair.
By the date on the tag these was 90% off.

Three winter tops for $5.00, $3.00, $ 3.00.
These items are new, and just came in.
With the already low price, I grab a few.

From Target reg price $16.99
I got it for 8.00, this was a new item they just got in.

 I will be keeping my eyes out  for 2 more sets of green chairs.
Wish me luck!

Do you have one in your area?

Thanks for coming by!
I would love to hear from you.