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Life in this 1817 farmhouse

About twelve or so years ago, we used to live in this old 1817 farmhouse ~ I grew up in a farmhouse when I was a little girl, but when I got married and I got away from the farmhouse life.  We found this farmhouse to rent, and our plans were to buy or build a house later.  Little did we know that this old farmhouse would become home to us for the next 13 years.  After looking under the siding, I found out this house used to be an log cabin. I remembered the first day of January in 1998 when we peeked into these farmhouse windows, I felled in love with this little place.   It was only $300.00 a month for the next thirteen years.  It was such a cheap place to live with its well water and wood stove for heat.  This farmhouse taught me how to slow down and lived a more simpler life.     This farmhouse had two bedrooms down stairs, a living room, one bathroom, a kitchen, a laundry room and a large attic room.  Two of my girls used to sleep in the attic when the weather allowed them to.  In

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