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A walk in the woods

On this winter day of cold and gray, the girls and I slipped on our boots, gloves , scarves and jackets.  We walked towards the woods with a basket in our hands a pair of snips.  Not sure if we can find enough greenery to make a very large wreath, we continue walking down paths of golden weeds. Upon entering into the woods, we pulled branches of wild blackberries off our clothes that wanted to go with us.  Climbing over trees that have fallen across the paths, we soon found ourselves hopping from rock to rock surrounded by the slow rush of the creek.  We find our way through this little patch of woods that sits at the end of our land. Shorty upon entering into the woods, suddenly, we heard birds flew away as we continue to walk with the sounds of dried leaves crunching beneath our feet. With each path we took, we found several different kinds of cedar trees.  Filling our baskets with snips from each tree, we spotted some wild red berries near by.  The bask

A Merry Little Christmas...

Flour dust, cookie dough and sprinkles grace the counter tops, while our sweet little daughters watch the sugar cookies bake through the oven doors.   The timer goes off and out comes a tray of sugar cookies made by little hands.  The farmhouse table is filled with racks of sugar cookies cooling, sprinkles of red, and green is shaken across the cookies and onto the table.  Our little puppy stands looking up, waiting for clumsy little hands to drop a cookie or two.   Slow days don't come by chance here at our little farmhouse, we create them. FOR UNTO YOU IS BORN IN THE  CITY OF DAVID A SAVIOUR ,  WHICH IS CHRIST THE LORD! Merry CHRISTmas, From the Farmhouse.

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