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Friday, November 10, 2017

Glorious Mornings

I know that God is Faithful, and I know that He is Good.
Some days that is all I need to know.

Happy Morning to You!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Quiet Sunday


Happy Sweet Sunday to each of you,

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Little Get Away!

Spanish moss!

Looking out of the IKEA window into the beautiful downtown Atlanta. 

We finally took a week vacation to South GA.  We had a wonderful time at Jekyll Island and also, visiting our daughters and grandchildren.  We always try to visit the beach in October, it is still warm and the crowds are very low.  After the beach we mostly just visit with our family, did a little fishing. Vacations are never long enough, anybody?

On the way home, we stopped in downtown Atlanta at the IKEA store. Have you every visited an IKEA store?  This was my first time going, and I will definitely go again.  That place is amazing!

Our fall leaves are slowly turning, the nights are cold and the days are warm.  I am trying to enjoy my front porch as much as possible before winter sets in.  I love being outside in the warm sun. Last winter was incredibly warm, I wonder what this year holds for us?

Enjoy the photo's, and have a wonderful afternoon.
Simply Farmhouse

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Snow Storm

Photo Credit

A Short Story
The sky darkened as the winds howled on the farm one late afternoon. We knew not to linger long, when we saw the skies darkening with thick clouds. We had learned that snow storms could turn fierce in a moment's time. Myself along with my six brothers and sisters gathered up our sleds and headed back to the farmhouse.

Soon we saw the farmhouse's glowing lights coming into sight; we were glad to be home.  When we entered into the warmth of the kitchen, the smell of fresh baked bread filled the kitchen, mom had just taken the bread from the oven.  She turned to see us standing in the door way dripping wet with snow.  "Hungry?" she said with a warm smile.  "Yes, ma'am", we all chimed. Quickly pulling off our wet clothing, and laid them over the back of the chairs to dry near the old wood stove. Mom served us a cup of warm milk with a slice of thick homemade bread covered in apple butter.

A intense snow storm was nearing, while there was some day light left. Mom felt the need to gather a few eggs, and some milk from the barn, for breakfast the next morning. Our pa wasn't home, he was away for a couple of days looking for work.   "Watch the baby Sadie, Ill be right back" explained Mom.

As time passed, the snow started to come down thicker, the darkness of night was upon us.  The little ones were becoming very hungry, and the farmhouse was beginning to get cold.  "Mark we got to get this fire going again."  "Could you gather up some fire wood from the back porch?" I asked.  He quickly ran out back, and brought in a large arm load of firewood.  I carefully opened the door to the wood stove, and placed the load of wood within. The fire began to catch on, and soon the kitchen was warm once again.

We became very concerned when Mom had not returned. I focus opened the back door facing the barn, and all I could see was the white out of the storm.  The barn was no where in sight, my brother Mark helped me push the back door shut. "Sadie, what if mom doesn't make it back?" Mark said in a hush tone voice, making sure the other children could not hear him.  "She'll be back", I said.   "Hurry, everyone bring me all the candles and lanterns to light."  "Mark, help me push some tables under the windows!"   "I'll placed the lights near the open windows facing towards the barn, this will help mom see the farmhouse." explained Sadie.

Mom had lost her way in the snow storm; she found herself holding on to what she thought was the gate to the garden. She knew her children needed her, she had to make it back, but fright gripped her heart.  She began to pray, "Please God, help me find my way to the farmhouse".  "I can't die out here, the children need me, please God."

The snow was very deep as she tried to walk towards the direction she thought was the house.  The thickness of the snow was blinding  her eyes, and the force of the snow stung her face.  In a few feet she saw a small light coming from the house. Pushing her way through the snow, there in the distance was the farmhouse all a glow.  "Thank God, Thank God, I've made it " she said with laughter in her voice.  She felted along the side of the house, until she reached the back porch.

Suddenly, we heard a loud noise on the back porch." Its mom, mom's back " I shouted. Mark, and I helped her into the house and removed her wet clothes. We quickly wrapped her in a warm blanket, the baby was crying and reaching for her.  " Shh, don't cry Emily, mommy's home sweetheart." said mom, as she held Emily close to her.   I helped Mom feed the children, and tuck each one into their beds. That night, we all gave thanks to God for all our blessings, and for keeping our mom safe.                                                  

 Early the next morning, the sun shined through my bedroom window, I sighed with relief that the storm was over.  By that afternoon, our pa had returned with an armload of goodies for us children and a gift for Mom. When we told Pa what had happened to Mom, he left the house without saying a word.  Pa quickly strung the rope up between the house and the barn, this was something he had forgotten to do before he left.  
Another storm was coming our way that evening, it was good to have Pa home,  he always made us feel safe during these stormy nights.  It was a comforting thought to know that we were snuggled in our little farmhouse. The wood stove was crackling with a warm glow, the smell of hot coffee filled the air.

Mom sat in her chair rocking my baby sister Emily, while the rest of us children played checkers across the living room rug. Pa pulled out the Bible and read it to us steadily. The snow storm was here, the winds howled and the glass windows shook.

Emily felled fast asleep, Mom arose to lay Emily down in her bed. Walking to the attic door, mom  ascended up into the dark attic.  We were all wondering why mom was going up there for?  Pa lower his bible, and we stopped playing our games while our minds were wondering.  The wood shifted, and make a crackling sound, we all jumped from the unexpected noise, Pa smiled, and continue to read.

In the attic is where we stored our summer harvest of apples, pears, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and jars of preserves. Garlic and onions were hanging from the rafters alone with dry herbs hanging in bundles.

 I looked around our farmhouse to admire the dried wildflowers that mom, and I picked this summer.  Some where sitting in mason jars, while others where hanging on a string across the kitchen window:  bringing a little beauty to our simple farmhouse during the gray days of winter.

Before to long, Mom opened the attic door, and stepped out into the kitchen. She had brought down a treat for all of us children which consisted of a basket of fresh apples and a bag of caramels for candy apples.

The children was delighted while badgering her with the question,"please mom can we help?" Mom smiled and reply "Sure, I would love your helped."  My little sister Abby pulled up a stool to reach the farmhouse sink as Mom place the apples into the water for Abby to wash. Mark's job was to dry each apple, and I was to dip the apples into the caramel sauce.

I especially made sure my apple was loaded with caramel, after all I am the oldest child you know! As the apples were cooling on wax paper upon the farmhouse table.   I looked around our farmhouse with its warmth, and love we all felted. I thought to myself, these are the moments in life, is what childhood memories are made of.    Sadie!

A short story that I wrote it is not perfect by any means, but I hope you will enjoy it.
Maybe, you can read it to your little ones.

Hugs from the Farmhouse.