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Life in An Old Farmhouse

Did you ever lived in a farmhouse with metal cabinet? I love the mixed matched dishes and the apron. When farmers wives used to dress up to care for the home, always looking presentable. My mom always dressed nice when I was a child, I remembered one of her dresses that she wore, it was a white printed cotton dresses that button down the front and tied at the waist.   Does anyone remember when a table was used instead of an island? There was no such thing as a island when I was a child. Cotton dresses ~ always Do you remember milk been delivered by a milkman?  A time when butter would sit out all day on the table. What a bountiful pantry! Crocks filled with harvest and apples picked and stored in baskets. I just love this pantry and all its harvest. A Farmhouse Porch With rocking chairs, wood floors, wooden table and a beautiful foggy sunrise. Thank you for visiting,  Life in An Old Farmhouse. To

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