Monday, March 27, 2017

Hospitality The Ministry

Opening our homes to be a ministry unto the Lord.

What ever we do~ hospitality is to encourage others, that is to be our goal and our purpose.
How can we make others to feel special? 
How can we make them feel loved by God and us?
How can we make them feel encouraged, and needed?

Hospitality is the most powerful way to change the world, by each one reaching one.
 A Relationship that will be built on Jesus Christ.

Hospitality is a light to the world,
 because we are being that sweet example of our Savior, 
to that person God puts in to our paths.

Hospitality is founded on being a good  steward,
 of the things God has blessed us with in our homes.

We are to be a good steward of time, our money, our home,
our salvation, our children, our spouse, to our church, and more.
We want to give all back to the Lord for use and His Glory.

What we have are tools that God gives us to blessed others with.
It could be your talents to sew, to garden, to teach, to mother, to cook, to love.
Your kindness, your home, your family what ever the Lord has blessed 
you with, give it all back to Him for the use of His Glory.

Give to the Lord your resource, by saying, " Lord what we have it is all yours,
use it Lord to your glory."

Through hospitality we can change our culture in our families,
 in the community, and in our very own church.

Let the Lord stretch you, don't be afraid to be use by Him.
A good place to start is to learn principles of stewardship.

Seek for the things of God,


  1. Dear Teresa ... such a beautiful posting. This is my first visit here. I will be browsing your past postings while you are away. Enjoy your time away. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

    1. Hello Teri, Welcome to Simply Farmhouse it is such a pleasure to have you. Thank you, please come back.

  2. Much needed reminders as I have been so very busy with family in the hospital so much lately and feeling that I have lost my own way.


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