Monday, March 27, 2017

Hospitality As A Woman

As a women, our hearts should reflect the heart of Christ
by living our lives day to day in Christ's love and in His Word.
Not only read His word, but to live out the word in our homes.

The home reflects the heart of the woman.
Our family needs to see that sweetness
and grace in our hearts and in our speech.
Hospitality in our homes, teaches our children
how to serve others, and care about others.

As woman we need to inspire, and encourage our
husbands, to be that godly man.
There is nothing more powerful than to see
our husbands being a leader, a protector, 
and being full of God's Spirit leading his home.

Keep your home simple with grace.
Keep your home organized, it's okay if your home
gets disorganized occasionally, but we must
bring it back into order after a short period of time.
God is a God of order, and He wants us to be ready to serve others.

When God sends someone into your path 
to show them biblical hospitality, you will be ready.

Be inspired!


  1. Nicely written and a reminder to me that God needs us willing to make a change and a difference.


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