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At Home

Photo Credit Most of us may not have a beautiful room with a view of the ocean. Although that would be so nice, but we can create our Master Bedroom to be an oasis to enjoy. Simple ideas to make changes: Minimize all clutter and simplify your room. Lighten up the wall paint colors Lighten up your comforter with bright pillows. Freshen up your dark furniture,  consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Add some flowers. Add some white curtains. Keeping it Fresh: Keep the sheets fresh and clean every week. Keep it tidy and cleaned daily. Play soft music (or maybe the ocean sounds) Keep your windows clean. Give your master bath a new fresh look as well. Make it a place that feels like a little getaway. Things that may need to be moved out : The computer/ t.v. Clean out all the clutter and donate it. Remove all clutter from the closets let the freshen  and simplicity flow in there as well. Harmony: Never bring your problems to bed, th

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