Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Magnolia Farmhouse Plan

Designing House Plans for  12 years.
Builder for over 40 years.

Hello, We are Dale and Teresa.
Together  we work together
making your dream home to come true.

We are known for the Simplicity of our house plans.
We create homes with a simple layout.

Each house plan can be modified to suit your needs,
With no extra cost for the modification.

If you do not see an house plan you like, we can create your
dream home. Just share with us what you want.

Thank you for your interested in Cornerstone Home Designs.

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It is just about finished!!!

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The Magnolia Series  (click to enlarge)
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1st Floor ( click to enlarge)

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2nd Floor  (click to enlarge)

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Cost $495.00
3 bedroom 3 1/2 baths
Wrap Porch
Bacony open to below
Square footage:   2300 + sq feet

Our house plan meets all building codes.
You will received a full size PDF plan.
Make as many prints as you need.

If you are interested in this house plan 

To order this house plan for $495.00 follow the simple steps below:

1. To the right of this blog make an non-refundable $200.00 deposit down,
to get your very own plan started.

2. We work through emailing back and forth, making any changes
for you at NO additional cost to you. 

3. Once the plan is completed to your satisfaction you will need 
to make the final payment of 295.00

When the final payment is made, we will then release to you
the  PDF  file that can be sent to your local printer, for your full size 
blueprints.  Make as many copies as you want.

4.   Please, take the time to leave us a review on how we did.
And send pictures of your beautiful home.

Thank you for using Cornerstone Home Designs.  
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Additional cost will apply to the following:
$50.00 for a finished basement
$100.00 if it goes over 2500 sq feet
$200.00 if for some reason you need us to start over or revised your plan

Thank you for your interest in our house plans, we work hard to keep cost down for you.


  1. This is the house plan I have been searching for! Can not wait for us to purchase our land and get to working with you to add the little details to the AMAZING plan you have created!

    1. Hi Kala, Congrats on your land exciting!! Ahh thank you, when your ready to get started on the house plan, just email us.

  2. We just sold our home of 10 years on January 13th. We're currently living in a rental home until we can build a house on our 10 acres of land. If it is at all possible can you please post real life pictures of this home being built. If you do not have any I understand. I'm just a very visual person and would like to see one that is already built. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

    1. Hello Danielle, We currently don't have "real" photo's of this plan. We will email the family who we drew this for and see if they are finished with their home and ask for photo's. I am not sure if they will contact us back. We are working on 3D pictures of this home..which will look real when we are finished. I understand what you are saying, I'm visual as well it helps me know if I am going to like it or not. Thank you so much for your interest in the Magnolia House Plan it is a beautiful home. Congrats on selling your home and how exciting for you to be building your dream home. We would love to be a part of making that dream come true for you.

    2. Sorry that I'm just now seeing your message. Please email me at It will be easier for us to stay in touch. We would want to reverse the plan and add a 3 car garage with an unfinished bonus room above it. Would this be possible?

    3. I'm sorry for so many questions, but what all is included with your plans? Does it have the foundation blueprints along with a "map" for the electrical wiring and hvac? I'm not sure what all it is called I jusr want to make sure that when we buy plans we have everything that we need with them.

  3. Beautiful home. Do you by chance make Canadian plans?

  4. What are the outside dimensions of this house?

    1. Thanks for your interest in the Magnolia plan. The dimensions are 37x43

  5. Do you have a modified Magnolia plan with an attached garage?

    1. Thanks for your interest in the Magnolia. We have not done one yet, but it would not be a problem to add it on.
      If you need more info, email us at

  6. This plan is gorgeous! What's the ceiling height of each floor?

    1. Thanks for your interest in the Magnolia. They are 9' on the 1st floor and 8' on the 2nd. They can be adjusted to whatever height you want though. Just let us know if we can help you with your plan. If you need more info, email us at

  7. I love this floor plan. What is the total square footage of this home?

  8. I love this plan and we are hoping to start building it this summer:) If anyone has built it and has pics or would let us come see it in person, we would really appreciate it!

  9. What are depth and width of this plan? Could you attach a garage? This is beautiful! Thanks

    1. Thanks for your interest in the Magnolia. 37x45. The garage attachment would be no problem. You can contact us for more info at: or

      Dale and Teresa

  10. What is the roof pitch of this house?

    1. The roof pitch of the plan on the website is a 5/12 but we can adjust it to whatever is needed.
      Just let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks


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