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Simply Farmhouse ~ House Plan

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We are Cornerstone Home Designs.
We Design for you.

Designing House Plans for  12 years.
Builder for over 40 years.

My wife and I work along side each other, 
together we make your dream home come true.

We are known for the Simplicity of our house plans.
We create homes with a simple layout.

Each house plan can be modified to suit your needs,
With no extra cost for the modification.

If you do not see an house plan you like, we can create your
dream home. Just share with us what you want.

Thank you for your interested in Cornerstone Home Designs. 
Got a question on how to get started, just ask us. 

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  • Our house plans will meet all building codes.
  • You will receive a complete PDF house plan, make as many copies as you need once it is finished.
  • We will make changes to any plan that you have selected at NO additional cost to you.
  • If you do not see a plan you like,we can custom draw your  house plan for you. Just share your ideas with us.
  • We work back and forth through emails.

Whether you use one of our plans,
or you need a custom house plan drawn, the cost is:

$395.00 under 2000 sq feet
$495.00 above 2000 sq feet

Simply Farmhouse House Plan.

 $395.00 for this house plan.

The  original plan has a Total living space is 1500 square foot. 3 bedroom and 2 full baths.
on a crawl space foundation.

This house plan can be adjusted to meet your needs..Just let us know what your dreams are.

We work through emailing back and forth at   www.simplyfarmhouse@gmail.com
If they email doesn't work please copy and paste it.

7 simple steps to get you started

1. The cost for this house plan is $395.00 up to 2000 sq feet , with unfinished basement, crawl space,  or slab. 

2. To start we require a $200.00 deposit which is non-refundable
(through pay-pal located on the BOTTOM of this blog)

3. Once the deposit is made, we will make any changes for you.
    We work through emailing back and forth at www.simplyfarmhouse@gmail.com

4. When your are satisfied with all the changes on your house plan.
   * You will need to pay the remaining amount in full.

6. After you have paid the amount in full, we will then release the printable PDF version to you.
7.  It is all yours to send to your local printing business and print FULL size blueprints, as many as you want.
***We also offer a material list for $100.00 

*** If you need to make any changes after the final deposit and before you print it, we would be happy to make those changes without any cost.

The only time there will be an Additional Cost  is for the following.
- $100.00 extra if the house plan is  above 2,000 square feet.
- $50.00 extra if you want the basement  finished.
- $200.00  If for any reason you totally change your mind during the drawing process and you want us to start over from the beginning to draw all over again another way.

Look forward to working with you. Congrats on your NEW home.


Front Elevation

Left Elevation

Right Elevation

Rear view


The Original Simply Farmhouse Plan Version



2nd second version...with a carport/garage.

3rd Version -- 32X50 (1600 sq feet)  with a basement

Leave us an REVIEW on completion and send photos. 
We would love to see your new home!!! God Bless ~ Thank you!


 The 4th version floor plan with basement for the above white farmhouse. It is 34x54.

Prices can change without notice/ please do not use our plans with out our permission they are copyrighted.


  1. I love your home! I sent you an email inquiring about house plans. I am very interested! Thank you! :)

    1. Hello Jessica Welcome to Simply Farmhouse. I am so glad you found my blog.
      Yes, we will get with you soon on the house plan. Thank you for coming by.

  2. Teresa, I just want to thank you for being such a blessing to work with!! Your kindness and expertise go a long way in this process. I am so thankful we found you and your blog!! I can't wait go share pics of our very own Simply Farmhouse!

    1. Jessica aw thank you for the sweet comment. You and Brian were
      wonderful to work with also. I am so thankful that you found my
      blog too.. I can't wait to see the photo's of your very own Simply
      Farmhouse. If you need any more changes before you build...we
      will be happy to make them. Blessings to your home. Teresa

  3. I have tried to e-mail a few times, but I keep getting an error message! My husband and I are interested in your house plans and I would love to get the process started! Let me know if there is another way to contact you!

    1. Ashley Thank you for purchasing a Simply Farmhouse House plan. Please email us pictures when you are completed. If there is any changes you need made..we will be glad to make them for you. Great working with you. Teresa

    2. Comment Sent to Us From Ashley Melton.

      **Thank y'all so much! We can't wait to get started! I will send you pictures of the finished product hopefully sometime this summer :) Ashley Melton

  4. Not sure if my last post went through- having trouble contacting you through the email address www.simplyfarmhouse@gmail.com. Is there another email?

    1. Hello Allison ~ Looking forward to working with you!

  5. Hi! I tried emailing you, but I got an error message. I am interested in your farmhouse plans!

    1. Hello Julia ~ pls try emailing us again...look forward working with you.

    2. copy and paste our email address. We are having trouble with the link.
      Thank you.

  6. Hi, we are looking to build a metal building on the farm my husband grew up on in west Texas and finishing it out the inside. Kinda like what they call out here a 'barndaminium'. The old house there is past saving.

    We will likely have 4 and 12 pitch roof with a single ridgeline left to right across he house. We would come off the eaves with a lower pitch roof to make a shed style porch all the way across the front and back of the house. Hope that makes sense. We are looking at a house size between 1600 and 1700 sq. ft. We like the stock design you have on your simplyfarmhouse.com website. We found you on Pinterest.

    I am perfectly happy to make the deposit, but I wanted to ask if your farmhouse design could work for what we are thinking about and to see if you have experience with your designs being used for a metal building? Is something you would want to consider doing?

    I really appreciate your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    Sue Agee

  7. Hi Sue,
    Thank you so much of your interest in the simply farmhouse plan. Yes ma'am we believe we can do what you are asking. We look forward working with you. Contact us through my email www.simplyfarmhouse@gmail.com.


  8. Very attractive farm house designs. These designs should be implement to build a attractive farm House Design.

  9. Carla Craft ~ Hello Welcome to Simply Farmhouse....I read your comment but for some reason it did not publish it.
    Thank you for inquiring about the house plan. Please keep trying to email us. Or leave another comment with your email address on here I will not publish it. I will delete it. Thank you.

  10. Can you tell me what the color of the siding on your house is called? Really love it!!

    1. Hello Stacie, Well thank you...yes it is called "Sage" by Georgia Pacific. Encase you like the metal roof. Burnished Slate its a brown color. Any metal company will carry it. Thank you for your interest pls come again.

    2. Thank you so much for replying Teresa!! One more quick question...I searched Georgia Pacific's web site and the only siding I could find with the term "Sage" was one called Sagebrook. Do you think that is the right one? Do you have the same color on the triangle on the roof area? If not what color did you use there?

    3. Hi Stacie, Oh yes now we remember it was sage brook it has been 3 years, we new it was sage something.... The triangle is a tan color I don't remember the name. Its a vinyl hand-split shakes design.
      You are so welcome Stacie...I hope you come again.

  11. Hello!
    The simplicity of your plan is exactly what I am looking for! Wondering if your plan is adjustable to make a fourth (could be tiny) bedroom..or shrinking one of the bedrooms to make the other much larger? I have 5 children, 1 boy and 4 girls and my girls can all share a room, they have before no problem, or have 4 small bedrooms. We would also want a garage and unfinished basement.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kate , Did you receive my email? Please let me know. copy and paste my email to contact me.
      simplyfarmhouse@gmail.com. Thanks again Kate for your interest in the house plan.

  12. Hello! We love this house and look forward to purchasing the plans soon, as we are currently working on buying the land right now. I was curious is there were any photos of your home from behind? Thank you!

    1. Hello Christine congrats on buying land how exciting. We I do have a rear photo of the house. Ill get it on here soon. Thank you look forward to working with you.

  13. Hi Teresa! My husband and I stumbled upon your site this evening while searching for house plans. We sent you an email and are eagerly awaiting your reply :) While reading the comments above, I saw where Kate had commented with interest for a 4 bedroom plan with a garage and basement. Wondering if you had a "sample proof" of this plan that we could see as this is also something we'd be interested in! :) Thanks a million!!

    1. It has been good to talk to you through email..looking forward to working with you.

  14. Hello! I was wondering if you have any good pics of the great room/ dining/ kitchen in 1 or 2 shots to get a feel for the layout and scale. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jess, Sorry for the late responses. I will get a shot soon on the great room looking in to the kitchen soon. We have been super busy lately. Thank you for your interests.

  15. Hello are you still selling house plans? I am interested. Please email me at vanzyladrian@yahoo.com thank you Cat

    1. Hi Cat, yes we still are selling house plans, great we will contact you soon.

  16. We had the Magnolia plan modified to work for our large family and it was a great experience! They were very responsive and did a great job making changes. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great floorplan designed by good peopLe at a really reasonable price!

    1. Thank you Steve, it was a pleasure to work with you guys as well.

  17. If at all possible, I would really love to see some photos from inside this home! I like the idea of the kitchen being in the front of the house but I can't picture walking in to the dining area upon entry of the home.
    SO glad I stumbled upon this website!! We are looking to build in the near future but are having a hard time deciding on floor plans. Definitely keeping you guys in mind!

    1. Thanks for your interest in our house plans. Please leave your email at simplyfarmhouse@gmail.com and we will be glad to send some to you.

      Dale and Teresa


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