Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Craft Day

Craft day is slowly winding down, I believe we have one or two craft days left.  Than it will be back to school.  In our home we are ready to get back to a structured routine.

Christmas in July!

Today, the young ladies had their first lesson on using the sewing machine.  They did a great job as they created these cute little Christmas mittens out of  felt,ribbons, and sequences.  Instead of gluing on the sequences they hand sew them on.

After they completed the mitten, my little girls decided to sew an embroidery running stitch  around their mitten. (Their's embroidery stitch is in pink).

This was my example mitten for them to go by.

  These little mittens look adorable strung up across an headboard or an window.
To download this pattern and print visit this LINK

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Paint Project

This desk in the laundry room, needed a fresh look.

It is a desk that I use to study on, 
or escape to when I want to water-paint,
 and I even use it as a sewing table. When school
is in, it becomes my teacher's desk.

When I need an extra table to work on in the kitchen, it becomes my island.

A few days a ago, I painted it with different paints colors layering as I go.
It turned out so cute. It brightens any room that it is used in.

It reminds me of the ocean...

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tuesday Summer Craft Day

Hey Ya'll  with the girls at youth camp this week. 
The grandson got to make something
that they love.  Superman & Batman!!!

We made them out of  a paper towel roll by cutting them to the size we needed.

A little construction paper, scissors, glue and a couple of markers the craft was completed.

The excitement on that little face, say it all!  

Have a wonderful week!

Taking time for children,
makes the greatest difference in their little lives.