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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Time Craft Days

An ocean blue plastic table cloth covers my farmhouse table.  
Paints, bushes, wood birdhouse, and wooden cars are place around the table.   
Creative little minds are busy as they carefully choose the right colors for their little wood craft.

Paint splatters here and there no one seems to notice.  
Each one talks about their plans how they will paint their work of art.   
Such ideas chatter around the table, soon the giggles and silliness follows not far behind.   
Let's Create!

Soon each one finds that finishing point of their very own creation.

Summer time crafts will be one of our past times this summer.  
With three of our grand children joining us, 
we are looking forward to summer time craft days.  
I hope you will come back to see what the kids do next week.

 My little photo bomber! This is my grandson who is 3, 
he is learning the art of photo bombing, to cute.

Create! Simply find the time to create and enjoy your summer days.
Spending time with our children, makes the biggest difference in their hearts towards
their family, and towards God.

Hugs from the farmhouse.