Friday, January 11, 2019

Cost Cuts and Ideas to Save

I thought I would share somethings that we are doing to cut cost out of our budget.
I may not work a job to help out on our cost of living, but I can do things
around here to save.  Which can equal out to a part-time job.
I hope to list somethings that you have not thought of.

We are getting rid of our  chicken's (2 hens & a Rooster) We spend $25.00 a month
to feed them. $25 x 12 months = $300.00 a year. My daughter raises chicken's
and has abundant of eggs. I will be getting free eggs from her.
Raising your own eggs saves you nothing, it is an expensive hobby.
I enjoyed having them, but I rather save $300.00 a year.


This sweet little stray showed up last FEB. (2018)  We have toss it back and forwards to keep her.  We love dogs, but this little girl needs to be indoors, now that the weather is getting colder. I can tell that she has been indoors before. She will let you know when she wants to go out. We believe she is a smooth hair fox terrier. We are trying to find a loving home for her.

The reason we can't keep her is that, our youngest has asthma and her doctor advised us no indoor pets and her health comes first.  She has cost us $20.00 a month to feed. $20 x 12= $200.00 yearly.

Just getting rid of these two things we will be saving $500.00 a year out of our budget.

Change your internet server. We have tried to find another internet server cheaper then ours. Where we live there isn't any competition among phone companies. We would be better off with the one we have. Shop around your area for a better saving each month. Or call your provider for a cheaper rate.

Shop for cheaper house and car Insurance: We are currently doing this.

Can you go to one vehicle?  We were able to go down to one car because my husband was blessed with a company truck to drive.  We sold his truck and now we don't have the repair cost, gas, oil change, tags, and Insurance on his truck anymore. Not sure of the total saving but it was quit a bit.

Unplug:  My husband went to an energy saving class through his work and learned
that if it is plugged in it is pulling electric.  The most pulling cost is your
cell phone chargers, laptops, computers, game chargers, alarm clocks, curling
 irons, hair dry, and anything that has a clock on it or a light on after its turned
off.  The only thing I don't unplug is major appliances.
One of my goals for myself is to work on keeping my electric down.
When he shared with me years ago about this. I have came in a habit
to keep everything unplugged.  It works!

What I do to save on electric:
Hang dry our clothes (hanging up or dry racks)
Dry only towels, and sheets in the dryer.
Dry two loads at once. (saving on one load)
Unplug everything.
Changing my lights to LED (burning less watts.)
Keeping lights turned off in rooms that we are not using and porch lights.
Washing dishes by hand. (my dishwasher runs two hours on normal cycle)
Turning on our gas fireplace to come on and off during the day.
Helps the furnace from not coming on from 8 am to 9 pm.
This is a 13 hours savings!
I keep the closet doors, and the laundry room door closed to saves on heat lost.

We keep the heat on 68 at night during the winter
In the warmer months I love having my windows open.
If we need to use the AC we set it on 78.

Get rid of cable or anything similar.  You can watch things online for free:
We haven't had cable for over 30 years. If we watch any thing wholesome
we can find it free on our computer.

Don't buy magazines: Ask someone you know to share when they are done reading them.

Use your local library for books, internet, and movies. Instead of paying for these items.

Save your older children clothes, and shoes to past down to a younger child.

Load your card with coupons:
Each week I visit the Kroger's website and load digital coupons that
I will use on my Kroger's card. I also receive coupons from Kroger's in the mail.
This week I saved $32.97 off my grocery bill. Not counting items that where already on sell.
I also saved $12.50 with my Kroger's card towards my gas purchase.

Always be a giver:  I signed up for community rewards at Kroger's, and I picked a Children's home near us to support. A small % of my spending at Kroger's will go to help the Children's Home.

If you don't have a Kroger's check your grocery store out online, maybe they have coupons to use online to print or load to your card.

Catch a ride:  If you and someone you know is going to the same event,
or field-trip or church event carpool together to save gas.
If the church is going some where ride the van or bus.

Share yard plants:  If a friend or family members has many flowers and plants
in their yard. See if they would be interesting to share plants with each other.
This is a good way to save money and increase your flower beds.
Keep a ear out of someone clearing out a bed with plants or bulbs.

Stay home: This is one of the biggest savings.  When we learn to stay home, be content, and make do with what you have, it helps us to stay out of stores and save on gas. I recently heard a joke about a stay at home mom.  He said "have you ever noticed that a stay at home mom is never home?"  "It's like she quit her job."  (SMILE).  Funny, but so true. Also, teach your children to be content with their toys. Encourage them to play with what they have and most have a room full.

Consider selling your home: If your home is large with a large payment consider
selling it and buy a smaller home on a 15 year mortgage. (15 years of interest saved)
 Or if the area you live is an expensive area, consider moving to a cheaper area to live.

Look over your monthly bills and look for things you don't need or could do without.
Look around your home and think on things that is costing you weekly and monthly that you could get rid of or do without like we did with the chicken's and the little dog.

Please, share the things you do to cut cost, and save.

Simply Farmhouse.


  1. Lots of great ideas . . .my daughter told me about the unplug, but I never really gave it much thought. Time to rethink :) I have a suggestion: Can you turn your chick coop into a green house? I start all of my garden plants from seed inside and by the time I plant them in the ground, the ones at the garden shops are 3 or 4 dollars a piece. I put out about 30 tomatoes plants a year, so that's a big savings.
    Great post! I'm all into saving.
    Connie :)

    1. Thank you for the great idea on the chicken coop. I currently have a greenhouse it was a gift from my family a few years ago. We will most likely will give it away or sell it cheap to someone who wants to get into chickens. You are so right about growing plants in the greenhouse from seed, it is a very big savings. Thank you for your comment, you always brighten my day.

  2. I utilize most of these great idea.

  3. I tried the unplug thing and never noticed a difference in our bill at all. I have so many people say it makes a difference but I never did. I think these are great ideas though.

  4. Great ideas. Keep them coming!

  5. We use many of these in our home to keep within our budget and I love learning new ways to save. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I love these ideas Teresa! So many ways we can be frugal and enjoy being able to stay home with our children. One thing I do is cook once, eat twice. If I cook chicken, I cook 2 of them, and then the next night make a different meal with the leftover meat. One week I will make a huge pot of spaghetti sauce, and will make spaghetti one night, pizza the next, and lasagna the next. It helps with menu planning! I also once a week make "out of the fridge" soup where I combine any leftover veggies and meat into a soup. Yum! It really stretches leftovers. Chickens are expensive to keep around, and so are dogs, but we enjoy their company, and so for us, it is worth it. Plus, I let my chickens free range, and feed for them most of the year is not too bad. I also boil any meat bones down (for about 24 hours) and then feed them to my dogs, and this helps stretch their dog food as well. I have also added rice to the bones, which again, stretches our dog food even further. Always enjoy hearing tips from others on how to rack up the savings while staying at home :)


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