Sunday, August 19, 2018

Intentionally Serving in Love..

In my last post I wrote about intentionally homemaking. One of the things I wanted to do is to write down somethings that I wanted to be intentional about in our home.  Lately, the Lord has laid orphans on my heart and I have been praying for them across the world.  But, I wanted my family to do more and I wanted us to reach out to the orphans some how.

I ran across something we could do!  I brought out the yarn and crochet needles and  I shared with the girls we are going to crochet some squares to send warmth to an orphanage in South Africa.  They are excited!!

 We have started crocheting our 35 blankets squares but, our work isn't complete until we pray over the child who will be getting our warm blanket(s).  I encouraged them to whisper a prayer while they work each night on their squares.

It touches my heart as I crochet each little square knowing that one day 
a sweet little child will be wrapped up in this blanket in South Africa.   

Intentionally teaching my girls not to think only of themselves, but think of others and ask
 the Lord to work on their hearts allowing Him to fill it full of His compassion for others.

While working on these squares each night for the orphans we are sending them warmth, hugs, love and prayers.  Because ~ ` Jesus loves the little Children ALL the children of the world......

 They are so worth our time, love and prayers!  

If this is something you would like to do, visit  Knit-A-Square for more information. They also need knitted hats, knitted hand warmers, and soft toys that can be bought or knitted.  Go HERE to see their needs list and instructions.

What a great way to use your talents or you can learn how and teach your children how to knit or crochet. (by you-tube)

We will never regret instilling into our children to work with their hands, love from the heart and becoming a godly home for Christ.

Intentionally serving others,
Simply Farmhouse


  1. This is so awesome, you might not be able to go, but the love and prayers will go with these blankets, thanks for sharing your heart.

    1. Prayers do go where we can't ...Thank you Sue!

  2. Thank you for sharing this.

    It is very heartwarming and
    a lovely thing to do 💙

    1. Thank you Fiona..we are enjoying working on these. It fills our evenings with a purpose. Keeping our hands busy and our hearts praying.

  3. I think it is wonderful that you are getting your children involved. They are never too young to learn the meaning of giving. For the last two years I have been making receiving blankets for a women's clinic in Africa that one of your church members (a doctor) visits and works at each year. He came back with photos of one of his trips and when I saw a beautiful new born baby wrapped in one of my blankets it touched my heart in a way that made me sew more the next year :)

    1. Awww what a sweet story, thank you so much for sharing here. It is a wonderful way to reach out to the children.

  4. I love this! Chuck and I were brainstorming the other night of ways we can serve with Megan. It's great that you are able to do this from home. AS you know home is where my heart is, and it's not always easy to serve and still be the keeper at home. I'm glad you shared this.

    1. You are so welcome. Another way we serve is serving at a soup kitchen. We arrive there about 3 in the afternoon, we help cook the food, then around 5:30 we serve the homeless. We go there once a month and we love that we are able to serve as a family.


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