Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hospitality & Time

 Each of our homes and  lives  are busy.  Even with all the modern conveniences, it is hard to find the time to host others.  How do we find the time to host someone or a family in our home?

Each home and family will be different in how often. There are those who love to have someone over every week, or maybe every two weeks.  However, there are those who can only host once a month or every once in a while.  It is up to you on when and how often.

I believe that more then ever God is calling us all to simplify our lives.  The biggest distraction in our lives is busyness.  We are simply too involved with too many things, not only that, but we have acquired to much stuff in our garages, and in our homes that robs us of our time.  I am reminded of a verse in the Bible, that speaks of " laying up our treasures in heaven, not upon this earth."  Do you want to know how to touch God's heart? Simply be a giver to missionaries.  Missions is God's heart;  we have found this to be so true in our church.

Did you know that busyness is one of the devil's tactics? He likes to keep us so busy that we can't find the time to pray, to read, to go to church, and to find the time for our family. By keeping us distracted with our phones, with the internet, and with social media.  We need to say no to a lot of things out there.

O how we need to have a refreshing in our souls with the Holy Spirit once again.  A fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit will help you to focus on the things of the Lord, and it will give you a hunger to read and pray once again.

What hospitality could look like? Taking food to someone in need at their home and spending time with them is hospitality.  Buying someone who is hungry a hot meal, or buying a homeless one night stay in a motel is hospitality.  Paying for an elderly couple's who you don't know meal at a restaurant is hospitality.

Being His hand extended.


  1. Good Afternoon! Such a lovely posting. I love how you have mentioned ways that we can offer hospitality. I so agree that we need to simplify and let go of "stuff" that is keeping us so busy tending to it that we don't have time to either be still or to spend "quality" time with and for others. Your photo is so pretty. Enjoy your afternoon. Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. So true Teresa.. true hospitality is genuine, comes from the heart, may not cost a lot of $$, but maybe more of your time, but in the end, if the goodness and presence of the Lord can flow through us into others, how wonderful that would be! Loved your suggestions, and you are so right, it is far more blessed to give than to receive!

  3. Hi Teresa!!!
    I LOVE the different ways we can show hospitality!!! All great ideas!!!

    And I SOOO agree with you- our culture as a whole is far too busy. :( Mr U has the craziest work schedule and it greatly hinders us from having people over to get to know them better. :(

    Thank you for visiting my blog today!

    Mrs. U

    1. Aw, how sweet...just seen your comment you are so welcome. Come again.


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