Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hospitality Is and Isn't

Hospitality isn't about what we have; it is about who we are.

It isn't about a perfect home.
It is never about you or your family being perfect.

Is not about what you own.
It isn't about what size home you own or rent.
There will always be repairs that need to be done; that is just life.
I have found that people aren't coming to see those things anyway.

It isn't about being or acting a certain way.
Reality is saying ~ Hey, come on in we are in the middle of
a project! Please make yourself at home while we finish this.
Chances are they may jump in and enjoy helping you.

Sadly, many families has no idea what a real
christian home looks like.  

It is about the fellowship and sweetness.
It is about relationships.
It is about relationship with Christ, 
with our family and with those that
God brings into our lives.

Be available, be willing, be flexible to be used by Him.
No matter how imperfect we are, He can use us.

Be prepared for the unexpected.
Waiting on the Lord and seeing what He
sends or brings to your home.

Its not only in our homes, but when we reach out to others in need
in their homes.  By preparing a meal or an dessert,
while sharing our faith, time and fellowship with them!

Isn't it good to know that God will use an imperfect home and
an imperfect family?  All we need to do is just be willing and available.

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  1. We had a neighbor that we loved dearly. She and her husband were already retired while we were newly married and buying our first home. Several years later she stopped by one day and I was horrified! I had three children in my care from 5 years down to only a few months old. There were toys scattered all over and I was knee deep in folding laundry. I said something about the state of my home and I will never forget her laugh. She said if I wanted to see your house I would've called. I'm here for the company.

    1. I Love this Wendi, how true this is. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. I really love this! Comparison of homes stops a lot of people I believe from being hands and feet.

    1. It does, we need to get past the comparison of our homes and start focus on the ministry. We are His hands and his feet. I love the song that Selah sings "Be my heart, My hands, My voice" Thank you so much for the comment.

  3. I always enjoy reading posts on the subject of hospitality. Do more of these. They are encouraging to all of us. :)


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